For individuals who are interested in beginning counseling and prefer corresponding via telephone, I offer teletherapy on a secure platform, SimplePractice. Phone sessions can be scheduled at your convenience.

Teletherapy includes several flexible options: voice calls, video calls, messaging.

There are numerous reasons a client might choose video teletherapy rather than visiting an office in person. Video teletherapy is, of course, a great option for clients who live in rural communities or far away from the counseling office. For others, meeting with a therapist via video is simply convenient. Thanks to video teletherapy, busy professionals can schedule sessions during their workday at lunch or a break, parents can attend appointments without arranging childcare, and students can prioritize mental health without disrupting their academic and extracurricular schedules. For individuals with mobility problems, teletherapy removes a barrier to accessing treatment.

While some clients may choose to always meet with a therapist remotely, others may find video teletherapy practical during unexpected circumstances when they might otherwise prefer to meet in person. For example, video teletherapy eliminates the need to drive to a session in inclement weather. During flu season, teletherapy prevents the spread of germs and facilitates therapy from the comfort of home. Therapists may also schedule video teletherapy outside regular business hours, thereby increasing appointment availability and reducing wait times. By fitting conveniently into modern life, video teletherapy reduces missed sessions, which helps ensure treatment efficacy.

Research has shown teletherapy to be an efficient and cost-effective addition to conventional mental health care. Indeed, studies suggest teletherapy can be as effective or even more effective than in-person treatment. As technology improves and expands across domains of modern life, the availability and use of telepsychology will continue to grow. Today, video teletherapy provides a safe, convenient, efficient, and effective way to access mental health care.

At Aspire Counseling Services, LLC, teletherapy is incredibly easy to use; you will be emailed a link to connect to the secure video, voice, or messaging appointment. You simply click the link to join the session. We suggest you give it a try at least once and see!


Teletherapy individual sessions: $85

Teletherapy couples/marriage sessions: $110

Teletherapy messaging packages:

–4 15-minute message correspondence/per week: $80

–4 15-minute message correspondence/per week for 4 weeks: $300