My counseling philosophy is grounded in the following principles:

At Aspire Counseling Services, I believe problems represent an opportunity for personal growth and that mental health counseling is a positive approach to dealing with life’s challenges and transitions.

My Strengths-based approach is built on the following tenets:

Empowerment of Clients – all people have the capacity to solve their own problems. The counselor’s job is to help clients discover their own inner strengths.

Respect for Clients – ALL clients will be treated with dignity and integrity.

Appreciation of Diversity – Aspire Counseling Services, LLC provides an atmosphere of acceptance and welcome for clients from all cultures, genders, sexual orientations, disability statuses, and social classes.

Collaborative Relationship – I work to build a collaborative relationship with my clients and maintain a commitment to using my power and expertise wisely. We will talk openly about how things are going in counseling and decide how to address things together.

Engagement – I am active and directive as a counselor. While I will be very present and educative in our work together, I do try to facilitate autonomy, decision-making and independence in my clients.

Non-Pathologizing – I tend to believe we all do the best we can. I will support you in changing what you want to change, but I won’t judge your choices or decisions.

Education – I will give you tools that will allow provide you direction and perspective, allowing you to see your difficulties in new ways. I seek out the most helpful information from my field and study the experts so that I can empower you with new perspective and frameworks.

Contextual Awareness – I use techniques or theories that broaden the perspective of individual problems. Our work will take a look at the concerns you bring to counseling from a more complex perspective that includes the cultural and social contributions to your difficulties. Believe it or not: not everything is your fault! This doesn’t mean you can’t take responsibility or make changes ……It just means we’ll reduce the stigma, guilt, shame, or self-hate and the isolation and/or fear that immobilizes you.